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This is a guest post.  If you would like to write for Becoming Press then please consider submitting a guest post here.  You may read about the author at the end of the article. What is the meaning of trust ? In the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, it says; Trust is : belief that someone or something is reliable,good, honest, effective, etc. How do you get trust ? Do you earn it ? I TRUSTED The LORD , when as a little girl my father and my mother were driving us to visit a relative. There were six of us children in the car ( my siblings ) and our Grandpa. My dad was very inebriated. God got us safely there while the car was traveling at 100 mph, as my Dad didn't listen to our cries … [Read More...] about I TRUST YOU, LORD

Books for Your Journey

Our Bible Studies and reading plans are great for small group study or individual Bible Study. All prices range from $0.99 for eBooks to $7.00 for paperbacks.