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#WriterWednesday: Embracing the Writing Season that You Are In (link up)

Today I saw a really great video on Facebook telling a story that was encouraging single girls to embrace the time they have with God. It was very moving and you can watch it here. Of course, I am not single, so the message didn't really speak to me on that level; however, it did speak to my heart about how there is a season for everything, and to embrace the season that I am in now. As a mom this is a very busy season where I have a tween, teen, and young adult. I am going to school basically full time, and I have an amazing husband who is such a hard worker and the time I Spend with him doesn't ever feel like enough time. I spend most of my time providing transportation to my three … [Read More...] about #WriterWednesday: Embracing the Writing Season that You Are In (link up)

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